A no walk day?

I am thinking no walking today, the knees need a bit of rest. A week ago or so I was thinking about how much I should walk each week and triedΒ  21 miles for a week, okay that was too much. The knees fuss a little too much with that amount. Sooo ….. maybe 16 to 18? I’ll have to play with it for a while. My joints are the weak part of me 😦  just such fun getting older, on the other hand the alternative to not getting older is not so desirable either!! LOL. Seeing how it is, I’ll just make do πŸ˜›

For no particular reason I am up a bit early today. I do that sometimes, the early thing, why I have no idea. I’ll tell friends sometimes that it’s just meanness in me not letting me sleep, LOL.

It is another cloudy start for today, tomorrow is suppose to be a little warmer and sunnier. Over all it has been a mild winter here in this area, a good thing for us RVers. Today I have my long pants and sweater on, maybe tomorrow I can get back to T-shirt and shorts. Each day by mid-day the temperatures have been just the best, about 95% of the time. I have only needed to run heat at night a few times, maybe 7 or 8 nights. A good winter the way I see it.

Okay, how about a picture or two ….? About a week ago snoopy flew over πŸ™‚

I had the long lens on but took this sunset shot anyways.

One more, this is a little flower is growing just outside my RV door.

I have missed my walk today but it is best I chill out 😦 Not sure how long of a walk I’ll take tomorrow either. I may not do a long walk, maybe I’ll put it off till mid week, not sure.

Night Folks