Shorter Sunday Walk

Moving slow today …. Debating whether I will take a walk and if I do, how long it will be. My day always starts with a little breakfast, a shave and cleaning up, doing the dishes, and then from there i can go in any direction. By the time I eat breakfast I usually know what’s next, however not today though. Well as it turns out, looks like a bit of blogging is the first order of business, LOL! That’s okay, as good a way as any to start today.

Weather: Man oh man, it looks and feels like it is going to be a fine day weather wise 🙂 , just as the weather person predicted. Okay, I’m going to get up and move a little, and see what happens next, I’ll let you know later.

Walk : I did walk but not as long as the last two Sundays. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 7.55mi, time: 02:53:09, pace: 22:56min/mi, speed: 2.62mi/h. Still felt like a pretty good walk to me. I will not walk tomorrow. I think this week I will set my weekly walking gold to only 16 miles, that should be enough.

Being older : The evening it’s setting in now, and I feel the chill out mode coming on, oh wait, that is what I’ve felt all day, LOL. Being older does have some benefits 🙂 . Maybe it is better to fuss over the few things you can’t do anymore vs fussing over the things you don’t want to do (you know, like go to work everyday). I guess it is good to see some things pass by. However, I try to be careful and not wish time away, when it is gone, you are gone!

This week bird of the week is Double-crested Cormorants with friends. Best I remember this was a very long shot.
Double-crested Cormorant photo TB1.jpg

Night folks