Red Subjects

Weather: This day has lots of sunshine with some wind, actually the wind is picking up a bit, little harder than I like . The temperatures are just the best and the weather person says it will stay nice all week. Overall I’m liking the weather.

Little road trip: I took a ride into Blythe today to pick up a few food items. While I was out I picked up a load of water too, so my chores are done for today. Life is just too tough 🙂 LOL.

Highlighting subjects: I use to make the first word of my paragraphs the subject and highlight it in red, make it bold and italicized because I know that some people may not want to read about some things, such as weather, (hard to imagine :-P) so when they see the subject they could just jump over it. However when I starting using the tablet more and more I stopped doing that because of the Html code I had to use, it was a bit of a pain to do without a few apps to help. However now with the Clipper clipboard manager it is not so hard to do the code so I have added it back in. Actually, with the mobile WordPress app I could do the bold and italicize but the color was a problem. Clipper makes it just a matter of cut and paste. I am becoming more efficient with this mobile stuff, makes the old dude(me) feel good about being modernized! The body may be older but the brain is staying young 🙂 That my story and I am sticking to it!

Workout Totals for the week: Little less walking this week.  I hate it when things don’t work, the MapMyWalk app did not do well and I see no way to correct it. I walk for about 20 miles total last week and I will walk less this week.

Here is a pictures I took maybe 7 years ago… ?
 photo Bl.jpg

Night folks