Weight and diet

Weight: Okay, I’m just going to throw my fat a_ _ out here in the cyber world! This morning I weight 186 pounds, much better than the 280 I weight 2 or 3 years ago but I’m not going to settle for that. I want to be 180 max, and preferably less. Over the pass year, I was able to maintain the 180 pounds but in the last two months, 5 or 6 pounds have snuck back on. That 5 or 6 pounds has got to go. Even at 180 I’m still over what is recommended for my height of 5’9″ . For now my goal is to maintain 180 pounds or below.

Diet: What happen to cause this gain? Well, after giving it much thought, this is what I come up with. One, I over did my exercise a couple months back and got the knees out of whack causing me the need to slack up on the exercise. Two, I hit a bout of depression(happens with me now and than, no big deal, lots of folks fight with this) and that didn’t help, and I, like a lot of over weight folks want to feed this kind of thing to death, oddly it don’t seen to work, LOL! Three, I started drinking tea again and that is fine, except I like the sweet taste so I added lots of artificial sweetener to it, which does have some carb count to it. (Note: artificial sweetener is not too good for you, no way, especially the amounts I like 😯 ) . Oh, for those not familiar with my diet it is the Atkins diet, which is a low carb diet. I don’t look at it as a diet no more, I just see it as the way I eat. By the way the tea is out now, no tea for me.

Why: am I a bit upset at a little 5 or 6 pounds? Well when you have spent much of your life being over weight it feels like a big deal. Accepting 5 pounds now could lead into accepting another 5 down the road and ……., you get the picture. (LOL, lead in pounds?) I really like the littler me! Just accomplishing my goal is pretty important too.

Okay, may the food-gods give me the strength to eat well today 🙂 Maybe not eat so dang much? 😯

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.46mi, time: 47:52, pace: 19:27min/mi, speed: 3.09mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/483415661 I’m managing to keep my walks down to a reasonable distance for an old dude, being nice to the knees.

Weather: wow, I think it is summer here. I went into Blythe for an hour or two and when I got back the temperature inside the RV was over 90° . This is a very warm February for this area and I like it.

Night folks