Slow day

Weight: 186.6 😦 I feel like a huge rock in a deep hole, stuck!

No exercise : for today, even though my knees feel fine today. I will let them rest because I know they have a way of catching up if I don’t. I may get some stretching done today, something I have not been getting to as much as I should.

Stretching: Has been added to the day. Odd about stretching some days I do better than others and why, I know not. I worked the hamstrings pretty good today but still I seen very stiff. Of course I had not stretched much for a couple of days, don’t take long for it to go away.

The River: it’s not far from me and I think one day I will go down by the river and see if I can spot any birds. Something to do for a few hours maybe.

The Weather: is just about hot, wow that is saying a lot even for here. February is not usual this warm. Nice just too lazy around in but too warm to work in, well for an older dude anyways 😛 ha, who wants to do any work!

Night folks