Weight: 186.4 😦

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.02mi, time: 01:02:41, pace: 20:47min/mi, speed: 2.89mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/487032193 Added a minimum amount of stretching.

Writers: One thing I’m not is a writer, but oddly enough, I do enjoy reading the blog of a good writer. Perhaps it is because the skill evades me that I notice the skillful writing of others and enjoy it when I see it in their blogs. If you where to ask me about a blog I like” what makes that writer good? ” I could not begin to tell you. I just know that sometimes when I am reading I just get pulled in to what the author is conveying and seeing as I’m not a heavy reader either, the subject must kind of pop out at me in a interesting way. I have read a few books, papers and other things that do much as I do and just kind of ramble on nonsensical, and I have read many things that bore me to tears with prolong descriptions of scene setting that had little to do with the plot of the story. To me it is important that the writer gets to the point without using a thousand words just for something to write. For example, I use to read mystery and cowboy novels when I was a kid and I would often find myself skipping over the very descriptive parts of the book. Things like two cowboys having a showdown gunfight and the author is setting the scene and goes on and on about how the two of them where dressed. I know that sometimes it is important to set scenes but if I know there is going to be a fight, I mostly want to know who won. However I sometimes find writers that have just the right amount of descriptions of the situation and of the action. The point being, I find some blogs out here in the cyber-world that do have really skillful writers and I am envious of their skills.
For me writing is kind of like work if I really want to convey a point, I must give it some thought, while others seen to be able to just jot it down. Lucky for me I don’t have a lot of “points” LOL! This way I can keep writing fun for myself and if I develop skills along the way fine and if not, it can still be fun.

Weather: The morning has been mostly sunny but this afternoon there is just a little clouds showing up, but still the temperature is fine.

Birds: I have not gotten any in front of my lens lately but today a couple of Verdin came by and while out walking I heard and seen a woodpecker. Not sure which one it was. Lots of Anna’s and Costa Hummers.

Night folks