Back to being good

Weight 186.4: Considering the cinnamon roll yesterday, it could be worst. Maybe the extra walk helped? Probably not, seeing as the cinnamon roll was probably 1500 calories and 100 carbs(I don’t really know, but you can bet all that sugary goodness was really high in the bad stuff). Today it is back to being good 🙂

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.13mi, time: 01:54:58, pace: 22:24min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.
A nice walk that I enjoyed very much.

Last Week’s Workout totals:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 02/10/2014 – 02/16/2014 view all
5 workouts
4 routes
20.3 miles
7.1 hours
2,317 kCal burned

Weather: is just a little cooler and it feels good. It got pretty warm here for a few days.

Memory: When I just barely crack open the kitchen window where I am setting now with the RV and there is just a little wind blowing, I get this nice whistling sound. This whistling sound reminds me of a time long ago. I was living in this older house-trailer with a lady that I cared a great deal about at the time. One cold January night we where laying in bed all snuggled up and the wind was blowing pretty hard outside making one of the old loose Windows whistle away as the cold air blew through and my lady friend commented ” Brr, the old cold north wind is blowing”. For some reason this is a memory that sticks with me, and I have always loved that sound since that time. Odd, the memories that stick with us, but it is one of my all time favorites 🙂 All I can say is” My dear lady friend, I hope you are living the best of all possible life’s, thank you for the memory” (Note, I have had no contact with her for many years and will probably never see or hear of her again, but my best wishes still stand.)

New Knee: Tomorrow will be my knee replacement’s fourth birthday, so ” happy birthday knee and thank you for helping me alone the way and I hope I am not being too hard on you 🙂 ” LOL.

Night folks