Photo equipment

Weight 185.6: Go figure, walk my butt off yesterday and gained a pound 😦 Unfortunately things just don’t work that quick, we’ll keep working at it. There will be no walking today, the knees need the rest for sure. I will take a couple of rounds of anti-inflammatory pills today ( over-the-counter ibuprofen ) and ice them a little. They did a fine job yesterday and deserve a little pampering.

Blythe CA: I was off to Blythe this morning to do a little shopping and get out and about for a bit. I picked up water as usual while I was out, along with a few food items.

Stretching: At least I can do just a little stretching today, even though I’m not exercising.

Photographic: Yesterday I posted a older picture of a Robin and I notice that I like the image better than most I have taken of late. So I decided to look at the Exif data of the image and it was one I took with only the 300mm lens that I have had for years. I have not had the 1.4 extender off the 300mm lens for a long time because I like the extra reach that I get with it, but when comparing images …… it causes a fair amount of image quality loss. I have a 400mm lens but it don’t have the I.S. ( image stabilizer ) and at that length, I need the I.S. Makes me wish I had one of the big boys, like maybe a 600mm L f/4 with I.S. 😛 LOL. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen and if you look up the cost you’ll see why. But I can and have, gotten some fine shots with the equipment that I have, I just have to work at it a little harder. Something I have not done a lot with of late, maybe a like of motivation. Birds is the thing I like photographing and I have to have an area that works for that. Mind you, there are birds everywhere one goes but some places work for me and others don’t. Maybe a good spot and the motivation will both come together soon 🙂

Last week’s workout totals:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 02/17/2014 – 02/23/2014
6 workouts
5 routes
28.3 miles
9.9 hours
3,224 kCal burned

Night folks