Wide Angle Lens

Weight 186.6: I’m certainly doing something wrong 😦 …… I think it is called eating too much, LOL. Even when doing my best and eating the right foods, I still like way too much of it.
I want you to know I have good supportive friends on this weight thing. Yes, a couple days ago after suggesting I put a note pad on my refrigerator door so I could write down my weight each day and also maybe a picture of my belly to keep me encouraged, my good friend and fellow photographer, promptly offer to loan me his wide angle lens to get my belly picture! ROTFLMAO, I love it!
Seeing as I am not getting anywhere on losing my weight, I may do the picture thing for real, LOL. I surely need something to give me that extra boost of encouragement 😛
 photo fat_man_explodes-2168_zpsvrysqfmo.gif

Diet: What to change? I’m near sure the problem is now down to the amount of food I eat. I have no ideal as to what foods to change to, that will maybe make me feel less hungry, while still staying with the Atkins diet.

Walk: A very short one today, the knees are still tender. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.24mi, time: 41:48, pace: 18:40min/mi, speed: 3.22mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/492768265 I may take one extra day off this week, Sunday was a pretty hard go for the knees.

Weather: A very overcast day and looking at the weather report looks like we’ll going to have a few more of these days. Maybe even some rain.

Night folks