Last trip to Blythe

Weight 186.0: I must have eaten some glue and it is keeping my food stuck to me 😦 Good grief, there must be a way to diet effectively and not be hungry …… Maybe not 😦

To do list: I’m debating on what to do today. It is time to do the last errands that are to be done at this location before moving time. I need to make one more shopping trip to Blythe, do my laundry, fill one of my propane tanks, one last water fill, put the solar panels down and start putting things away. I’m sure I could do all this in one day but I think I will break it into two days.

Shopping and laundry: Done! I did my bit of shopping and my laundry today. I now should be pretty much set to leave the area.

Walk? : I don’t think I’ll walk today, the knees can use the rest and I have stayed busy running the roads today so a little relaxing will be okay.

Truck maintenance: Today I crawled under the truck and checked the transmission and rear end fluid levels and all is well.

Defrosting the Refrigerator : Yep, these RV refrigerators have got to be defrosted, I do mine about once every two months. The bottom part of the refrigerator has some fins in it that ice up. The top part( freezer ) hardly ever ices up. To clean the bottom fins takes about ten minutes, not much of a job. I use a hair dryer to quickly melt the ice.

Night folks