Language Gremlins?

Weight 186.0: Just like a never changing rock 😦 I must eat less, I must eat less, I must eat less, LOL.

English language : I may start a little series about why I hate my own language, English. Here is the first one, and this is one I have been messing up most of the time and it is ( eat vs ate vs eaten vs eating) mostly the (eat vs ate) is the one that I make a mess of lately. Why can’t we have one word for both and just let the sentence determine the past or present? For example if I wrote ” I think I will eat now” or ” I ate three times yesterday” I could have used either eat or ate in Uhh both sentences and you would have had no problem determining whether it was past or present. But no, this is English so we got to have two words! Maybe I’ll start my own language ….. oh wait, that is hillbilly and I already do that! We could say ” eated” for the past tense, not pretty but it would work, LOL. Man, I have a bunch of these to fuss about!
Many of these makes me throw my hands in the air, forget about it, and use whichever one flies out my finger tips. ( past, pass, passed ) you kidding me? What idol ( sit, set or sat) around thinking this kind of nonsense up?!?! These are the kind of things why I would never want to be a writer! The effect to get these right is flat over whelming for my poor little mind! So reader beware, you just going to have to suffer through. Here is a criteria which I think we should put in place. If it takes a hundred words or more to explain the use of one word or tense combination’s of, I think it should be kicked out of the English language! LOL.

iTunes: I just spent about three hours updating iTunes on my laptop. It would not take the latest update or uninstall so I had to uninstall all of Apple’s software (after finding a long winded way of doing it), clean the Windows register (with CCleaner) and then reinstall iTunes and associated software, and of course that took a lot of reading on my part because Apple has many little components. Finally everything installed except the device component part which is okay for now, because I don’t have any Apple devices, for now.

Difficulty gremlins : Yep, I think these guys are (setting, satting or setting) around finding fun little ways to make my silly hillbilly life tough! LOL. Just lucky for me, I don’t think none of the above stuff is all that important. Sorry to my friends that love their writing 😦 , and as for the software, if I don’t like one piece of software there is always another program that will do the job.

Walk: A short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.01mi, time: 39:18, pace: 19:30min/mi, speed: 3.08mi/h. I have been keeping my stretching going over the last three days, even the day I took off from walking.

Knees: The knees have been a little fussy this week and that is because of last week, I’m sure 😦 I’m taking plenty anti-inflammatories and keeping them ice down.

Night folks