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Weight 184: Looks like I beat the carbs back a little 🙂 for today? LOL.

Mobile software: I have been playing with Firefox Mobile browser and I’m begaining to get use to it. I have used Dolphin pretty much since I’d had Android but I’m thinking of changing to Firefox just for the benefit of the add-ons. Dolphin don’t have many and I’m finding out that Firefox Mobile has come a long way. The features I’m looking for most are to do with privacy. I found a new add-on for the Mobile and computer that I like a lot and it is ” Self Destructing Cookies”. This add-on eats up the tracking cookies as they are added. I have always use setting to delete cookies when exiting the browser but have never found a way to delete cookies as I get them and this add-on seems to do that, neat. I really like that it works on device and computer both, many of Firefox’s add-ons don’t.

Walk: Only a short one today and a stop in the middle too. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 01:06:41, pace: 31:18min/mi, speed: 1.92mi/h.

Weather: The temperature is starting to come on now, pretty strong with it making it to near 90°. It is 89° in the RV as I type this. The air is so dry that it don’t feel like it though, and that is a good thing.

Night folks

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    1. Hi Kevin and Janet, Thanks for thinking of me for the reward, but I don’t do the rewards. They look like a great way to get readers to one’s blog and I wish you good luck with it. I am content to have only a small readership. Again thanks for thinking of me.
      I really enjoy your blog, especially the Parks and the birds.
      Have a great day
      RV John


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