Good day to Move

Move: Getting ready to go today. I will miss being pluged in 😦 I have gotten spoiled over the last 5 days o_O . I’ll take my time and probably won’t leave till late morning when it is warmer.

Bills: I paid all my bills this morning now I’m poor again 😦 Such is life, LOL. Doing things on the internet is perhaps not the safest way to do things now-a-days but it sure is convenient. Living the life I’m living in the RV, I think doing everything by mail would be a really big pain in the backside.

Time: Well, I guess it is time to slowly get ready to leave. The sun is up and it is a bright morning, a good day to move.

Update 1pm; I’m at Walmart for the night and I’ve already did most of my shopping. Enjoying just hanging out at the stores.

Weather: It’s getting better with the temperature at least making it out of the 50s! 🙂 For tomorrow the weather man is giving 70° now that is getting to my kind of weather! 😀

Location: At Walmart for the night.

Solar/Batteries: I have got to remember that I only have half the battery power now, after disconnecting 2 of my batteries. I checked the battery monitor and it is showing the two batteries are charged now, so we’ll see tonight how they do. If I could find a good deal on one battery I would buy it, even knowing that I will have to replace all four next fall.

Night folks