We got Rain

Good start: The morning has started out beautifully but the weatherman says we have 60% chance of rain today. Humidity is already high and my bones feel it. The rain is really needed here in the southwest, it is very dry and the fire dangers are extremely high. It is a holiday weekend and many folks won’t appreciate the rain, even if we do need it.

Update 1:30pm: We got rain and hail started and it feels like it might be a good one. This will make a lot of NM folks happy, well the ones in its path. This rain is mostly in the north-east part of the State.

Walk: Waiting on my friend to show up, he has been walking with me everyday. Always good to have someone to walk with, it keeps you motivated.

My friend will be leaving this weekend and I’ll miss having him around.

Update: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.32mi, time: 54:41, pace: 23:37min/mi, speed: 2.54mi/h. Walk done.

As usual doing my camp hosting thing, I’m sure that I added another mile or maybe two.

Night folks