My Stats

Crazy Stats : My stats took another run up yesterday, beats me! Going from 3 to 20 hits normally, to over 600 yesterday, wow. Okay, what the devil are you people looking at?!?! LOL. Thank you, to all my viewers 🙂

Bird : Got to have another Blue Jay seeing as it is the bird of the week, yes?
For a flower today I will go with a ease one, a Tiger Lily.
Lily Tiger_6252

Getting hydrated: I am drinking water like a man just back from a long walk in the desert! Drink about a gallon and a half last night and I about to finish off my first gallon today, I’ll down at least 2 gallons today. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate
Drinking water photo 16331870-emoticon-drinking-water-from-a-bottle_zps9045feee.jpg Found this smiley Here, I think I resemble this guy 🙂

Weather: We are getting just a little sprinkling that may turn into a rain yet. We could use a little rain to settle the dust.

Night folks