About birds, diet and exercise

No they are not connected: Well the exercise and diet is but not the birds.

Walk?: Maybe, I have not decided yet. 10am; The knees don’t feel too bad this morning but we might give them some slack today, I’ll be on my feet enough with all the RVers coming in today. The knees don’t differentiate between walking and and just standing or moving around as I do my work. Bottom line, on days that I am going to be on my feet a lot is best to not walk, so says my knees.

Bird: This is a Mountain Blue Bird and I took this shot at Blue Water State Park, NM.
Mountain Blue Bird_0966

Here is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, this picture taken many years ago in KY.
Print 2

Diet: I am making adjustments to my diet and like all other folks this is a tough thing for me, but at any rate it is coming along pretty well. Many more vegetables, a little less meats and taking out the soda(again), been without soda for a week tomorrow. This time I am drinking other drinks to replace the soda, like tea, water additive, maybe a half glass of some kind of juice however not more than two glasses of anything but water and I try to drink a gallon (or more) of water per day.

Night folks