Same old

Bird: Here is another Downy Woodpecker shot.
Woodpecker, Downy photo ponstick.jpg

and a White Face Ibis
White Face Ibis photo WFI.jpg

and here is a picture of a Balloon that I took at a small balloon festival in Deming, NM.
 photo Offwego.jpg

Old dude weather report: Ha, the temperatures have been hitting a high of near 90° in the day time which is okay. The nights have been a little bit warm for sleeping but I am still getting by with only a fan at night, but last night was a close call, I almost got up and turn on the AC because I was just a little warm.

Friends: My friends Mickey and Sandra hit the road today and I will miss having them next door. They are off on a great venture to the north and I wish them all the luck and fun that can possibly come their way. Good travels to you my friends!

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