A couple or three year ago

Workout Summary:
130 workouts
485.08 miles
6.19 days
50086 kCal burned

Needless to say I have really slacked up this summer.

Bird: Another Downy Woodpecker. This Woodpecker is on one of my home made feeders, it is just a piece of wood with a hole drilled in the bottom of it. I then fill the hole with suet which the Woodpeckers and several other birds enjoy eating while hanging upside down 🙂 This feeder also served the purpose of keeping some of the bigger birds away because they are less acrobatic. The area that I lived in was one that had tons of Starlings and they would hog up a feeder of suet in no time at all.
Woodpecker, Downy photo ponfeeder.jpg

Here I was one day, a couple or three year ago,( I can talk like that if I want to because I am a hillbilly) enjoying the good life. This is a area about 10 miles west of Casa Grande, AZ that is now closed to free boon-docking 😦
In the Rainbow photo INTheRainbow_8274.jpg

Night folks


4 thoughts on “A couple or three year ago

  1. I’ll bet you haven’t slacked at all. If you wore a pedometer you’d probably be surprised at all the steps you’re taking in your campground duties. Nice photos today. 🙂


    1. Yes, many people do a lot of walking during their jobs. I wish I could still do that kind of job, I now have to do 2 to 4 mile per days jobs, LOL!


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