Bird: This will be the last of the Downy Woodpeckers.
It was a little cold on the day I took these.

PGP: I have read up on PGP and I think I am at a point that I can use it if needed, it did take me a good bit of reading. Here is the link that I used. I mostly wanted to learn how to use PGP for the sake of learning something new, I like doing that sometimes.

Exercise: I finally got in a good bike ride today, just over 12 miles and of course I forgot my app MapMyRide 😦 Hopefully I will get in another ride sometimes this coming week.

Night folks


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    1. Judie I run into that site a while back and get updates when they post, they do do a few ads for program and such but not bad. I find I am interested in lots of their stuff.


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