Rain, very nice

Chores: Today is Chores Wednesday( A good name for it, you think?) for me, laundry, pick up some water and do Walmart, all done before 8 am 🙂

Windows update day: Today is the second Wednesday of the month so it is Microsoft time to do it’s updates. One can count on about 100 MB of updates each second Wednesday of the month.

Bird: Okay, let us see what I got.
Carolina Chickadee_2550
I cut off his tail in this shot 😦 , but still I kind of like it.
Carolina _8348

Exercise: I did do a bike ride today, but only 6 miles and as always of late I have been doing my stretching.

Weather: I have slipped up on my old dude duties by not doing much blogging about the weather so ……. We are getting us a little rain and it is about time. Being in the west all the time has made me enjoy the rain when we get it, I hope it don’t just tease us a little and then stop, would love to see a good rain.

Night folks