Birds: My humming feeders is starting to pick up business now. The Rufous and Calliope Hummers are here now along with the Black-chinned that has been here all summer. This makes for a lot more excitement with all the chasing going on.

Okay, here is a Chickadee busting open his newly scored sunflower seed.
Carolina Chickadee Seed_9895
This Chickadee is ….. stepping off on his first step to a Waltz? 🙂
Carolina Chickadee DanceIMG_9053

Weather: The rain yesterday turned out to be just a teaser and only got things damp and smeared the dust on the Vehicles 😦 , maybe the next rain will be better. The summer temperatures here have been very much to my liking with the days in the mid 80s and the nights around 60 or so, just like I knew it would be, sweet!

Night folks