New exercise

Birds: The last of the Chickadees.
Carolina Chickadee l_2513

Carolina Chickadee l_2399

Butterfly, Variegated Fritillary
Variegated Fritillary_8459

Exercise: Today I have ridden the bike for 6 miles and added some new exercise. I worked out with some dumb-bells that I got from Walmart today, not much, but a start anyways. Working out is a lot like losing weight, you get there ….. but then the hard part is to stay with the program! I added my stretching this afternoon, so a good day for me. I have done no walking in the park to speak of, today because everybody is here and no-one is leaving or coming, so I have little to do. Maybe I do a couple more miles on the bike, later today.

Diet: Dieting is the fight that is toughest for me. Maybe I can mount the refrigerator backwards, with the door of it facing outside and that way I would have to go outside to get in it …… o_O As it is now, the refrigerator is within arms length from where I sat on the computer, too easy to reach. Another good solution would be to add a combination lock that must be locked each time the door is shut, LOL.

Night folks