It is lazy Sunday

Bird: For this weeks bird ….. it will be the American Gold Finch.
Finch, Gold photo GFINL.jpg
Finch, Gold photo GFIES.jpg

Perhaps you can tell that at one time, I was really interested in birds?! LOL. I still do some bird watching but not near as much as I once did. Birding is a thing that takes a lot of time and patience and is ofter a lone habit, because most folks won’t take the time to do birding. For me, I got to be in the move for it, have lots of time on my hands and be in a place that has lots of birds. Here in the park there are lots of birds but my time is kind of split up in a manner that don’t leave me big enough time spaces ( at least as much as I like) for my birding. Still …. I do sneak in a little time now and then.

Lazy: This morning I go up at 5:30 to open the gate to the park but then when I got back to the RV I lay back down till 7:30, just being super lazy 😦 . There is just something about a Sunday morning that makes me lazy.

Night folks