Bad Day, food day that is

Birds: On with the Gold Finches.
Finch Gold photo GFF.jpg
Goldfinch photo Goldfinch1.jpg

Bad Day: Today is my bad day, meaning that I very well eat all the bad stuff I want! Tomorrow I will have to start paying for my sins 😦 rightfully so. I just got to have a bad day once in a while, but they are far in between, thank goodness, because if they were not long apart I would be as big as a bear … again!

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2 thoughts on “Bad Day, food day that is

  1. Come on, John, share. How bad. What did you do. How deep is your badness? Let me in on the fun. I am a friend, after all.


    1. LOL, Hello Sandra, I did pretty bad ……. I started with Big Breakfast at McDonald’s, added 4 donuts from Walmart and then with back to McD’s and had a Big Mac meal and 3 cookies. A complete throw down!!! It was good to be bad for a day!


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