Birds: On with the Robins.
Robin photo IMG_4809.jpg
Robin photo Robin12.jpg

Haircut: I went out for a haircut today, which I only do once a month. While I was out I stopped at Walmart and brought me a set of clippers for this winter when I am out in the boondocks for months on end, I’ll use them to do my own haircuts. Won’t be pretty but it will be sufficient looking for the boon-docks. I have a couple of friends that do this and I never notice their hair, so it must not look too bad o_O
Haircut photo sbathroom_grooming_haircut_100-101_zps96e34ed1.gif

The day gone: Seems like the day got gone fast for some reason. Every have one of those days where look at the clock and think “Wow, what happen?”

Travel: I am 30 to 45 days out but am thinking about it all ready. I am near sure my first destination will be Quartzsite, AZ.There I will replace my house batteries.

Night folks