Big Windows Update

Birds: On with the Hummers. Well maybe not, looks like my Yahoo/Flickr account is down so maybe no birds today. I’ll check it later today.

Rufous Hummer, Male.
Black-Chinned, Male.

Windows Updates: A lot of updates today, near 400MB. If your machine is set to auto Windows updates, your data will take a good hit today.

Exercise: Great bike ride this morning. I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 11.06mi, time: 44:32, pace: 4:02min/mi, speed: 14.90mi/h.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Big Windows Update

  1. I love the Black Chinned photo! And thanks for the Big Windows Update tip – I’m in the library right now, and used their wi-fi to do the downloading. I’m also updating my Garmin Maps as I type this – I’ll be here for a while! Nice to be able to use their wi-fi for these large downloads. 🙂


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