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Birds: Fridays Hummers.
Two more Female Rufous Hummers, the one in the second picture sticking it’s tongue out at me, LOL. Click these images for a larger picture.

Roufous Female_1280

Rufous Female_1486

Exercise: A good bike ride this morning, not very fast but still a good ride, and I did my stretching.
I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 11.00mi, time: 53:48, pace: 4:53min/mi, speed: 12.27mi/h.

WordPress users: Are you guys seeing the “beep beep boop” page or whatever it is? Was making me nuts till I found the go back to classic link thing at the top.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “WordPress Users

  1. I think they just put the “Classic” back up – probably because so many people must have complained. I know I surely hated it! Glad to be back in “Classic Mode”!

    Virtual hugs,



    1. Yes I hope this “beep beep boop” thing goes away, but I read a little on a WordPress forum and it sounds like it coming our way 😦


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