Road trip

Batteries: Tomorrow I am off to Albuquerque for some new batteries for the RV. 4 new T-105 Trojan Batteries. The man on the phone says $125.00 each which is a good price for the T-105s.

Busy: Today I have been busy around the park doing this and that, and this afternoon I pull the old batteries out of the RV and loaded them on the truck to trade in on the new ones tomorrow. I borrowed a old battery (no Good, but should be good for a place holder) from a friend and put in for the night and tomorrow till I get back with the new batteries. I did a good bit of cleaning on the battery box and the cables, all a mess from the old batteries spewing.

Pictures: All from times long ago.
 photo IMG_4846.jpg

 photo DeerGB.jpg

 photo Flower2.jpg

Night folks


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    1. Thank you Su, I looked around your site and enjoyed it very much, I now have you in my reader and looking forward to all your great photo work πŸ™‚

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