Chores today

Slower today: Yes today I don’t have so much to do, so I am chilling a bit. I did do my laundry this morning and a little work around the park but not a lot.

Pictures: A couple of desert plants.

 photo Flower7.jpg

 photo Flower4.jpg

A scenic shot, somewhere North of Silver City, NM.
 photo OWGB2.jpg

Departing date?: I am starting to think hard on this …… ! Maybe it won’t be long into Sept before I hit the road. (My new Batteries are allowing me more freedom!) We’ll see.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Chores today

  1. The second picture is of what we call a Desert Bird of Paradise. They grow wild around here. Our yard is overrun with them, but we don’t usually pull them out as they produce nice blossoms.

    Virtual hugs,



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