Busy today around the park

Here is a Brown-Headed Cowbird.
Blackbird, Brown Headed Cowbird photo cbp.jpg

 photo BF3-2.jpg

Gray Hairstreak photo B9.jpg

Hanging out: Today I am hanging out at the park and not going anywhere.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Busy today around the park

  1. That second butterfly is really pretty – I haven’t seen that one. The first one I’ve seen in the NM parks. The Brownheaded Cowbird is pretty – I saw one at Percha Dam, I think. I guess they must gather around the cattle? 🙂


    1. Thanks Barbara, Cow Birds are not known to hang out with the cows as far as I know. They like seeds and often hang out with other black birds. They like open fields and yards where they can find seed and such. I don’t know how they got their name.


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