Old tank

Pictures: Here is a picture of where I stayed a couple of months last winter, Tom Wells exit near AZ/CA border.

A small oasis in Joshua Tree National Park, it is a great walk to get there.

When I was a young man I use to work on these tanks, a long time ago. I took this picture at the graveyard of a museum near Joshua Tree National Park. (there where a dozen or so old tanks setting out back)

Itchy Feet: I am getting the itchy feet ……….. It won’t be long before I hit the road. I am thinking about what will be next. When will I go ….. I think between 3 Sept to 15 Sept. Where will I go …. I will stop at Grants, NM for a few days and then … I am not sure. Maybe Lake Powell, Lake Mead or maybe The Grand Canyon again. They are places I am thinking about but maybe none of the above ……. who knows? We’ll see.

Night folks


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    1. They had a complete one (maybe two at the museum) but there where at least 6 old ones in various state of repair out behind the museum.


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