Changes at WordPress

WordPress: While the old editor was great, WordPress has decide they are going to change it.

Things I don’t like about the new Editor

  1. It don’t behaved as the old one did, so a learning curve is in order
  2. Some things seems to not functions correctly, such as Preview post now opens a new page each time you hit it where as it use to just write over the already open preview page.
  3. It don’t seem as full features as the old one.
  4. The new editor don’t have the navigation bar across the top so I can quickly get to my Dashboard.
  5. Categories not organize with sub folders no more.
  6. Tags no longer give suggestion of previous tags
  7. Smaller editor Window

The list is forever, Read the post at the WordPress forum.
Beep Beep Boop, should be named A Boo Boo! So why? I think maybe they are going for a touch-screen interface, and like Microsoft with the Windows 8 touch interface, they are cutting off their foot just to spite the toe!

On the good news front …… I may be in luck this winter when I start using my tablet to do my post to WordPress. With it being such a mess with the PC interface I sure hope that something got better somewhere! Also a good thing is that for now you can still get to the old editor by way of the Dashboard.

Itchy feet: Yep, I am getting them itchy feet big time.

Pictures Not today.

Night Folks


4 thoughts on “Changes at WordPress

  1. Well, that’s a bummer. One of my tasks tomorrow is to back up my blog on my WordPress account. I hope it’s not going to be a pain to do.

    I know what you mean about itchy feet, but I want to wait until the weather cools down at Elephant Butte. If I stay one more week at Storrie, I think it will make a difference. At least according to today’s forecast down there. 🙂


    1. Change is good sometimes(not always) but it is often a pain in the backside! Yes, I think it is too hot to go south just yet, need to stay in the mountains for a few more weeks.


  2. There seems to be a lot of problems going around for the moment being. I have problems with other bloggers´ galleries and many times I have to click refresh to access to the button “like”. The “Be boop” though is possible to avoid by going directly to the Dashboard.


    1. Yes WordPress seems to be switching things up, and it is nice to still be able to get the classic editor but I worry about how long that will last, I sure am not caring for the new one!

      I enjoy your photos on your blog, 🙂 thanks for stopping in to see my blog.


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