Fun Pictures today

Three days?: Yes, I am getting closer to time to hit the road. I at the “I can’t wait stage” LOL. Still I have nothing lock in as far as where I am going ……. it is kind of fun like that. I do have some ideals in my mind, but ideals is all with nothing set.

Pictures: Let me look around and see what I can find.
Something someone give me my first year out RVing, they also took me under their wing and show me the ways of boon-docking. Thanks Michael and Rosemary 🙂
 photo Kokopelli.jpg

Having fun watching the folks fly their Balloons, in Deming, NM.
 photo Everywhere.jpg

This is a friend that I met near the start of my RVing and in this picture he is having fun with his duck, LOL fun times!. Still a good friend to this day. (Ha, Barry, you though maybe I lost this didn’t you? LOL)

 photo Ducklike.jpg

Now here is what I call a tough RVer!!!! I did not take this picture or see him in person, this is a picture I got off the internet somewhere.

 photo 5_camperbikeride2.jpg

Exercise: I rode the bike for 8 miles or so (two miles at a time) and did my stretching.

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