More Petroglyphs Pictures: By the way these are not easy to find petroglyphs, they are way off the beating trail, compare to others you might see. I don’t know a thing about petroglyphs but I had fun going to see these.





Bird of the week: I have been neglecting my Bird of the Week so here is a update. Female Brown-Headed Cowbird.

BrownHeraded Cowbird female_4500

WordPress: Man they must be working on WordPress, I can’t seem to get things to work at all, tags and now my Widget along with the other tools o_O come on WordPress!

Okay I found the problem …. well at least I know it is something to do with my Firefox browser or one of my add-ons. Rats!!!! Found the add-on …. It was a add-on by the name of Disconnect Well okay, to get right down to it ….. it was an operator error, that would be me 😦 By playing with the setting of the add-on, I got things going again.

Night folks



Busy day: Yes another busy day here in my new volunteer job. These busy days go by really fast.

I am liking my job very well because so far, they are giving me a broad path when it comes to doing my job in both the way and order that I like, makes things so much better when it is like that.

Exercise: I am not adding exercise to my days when they go long like today, I figure my work is enough. I know it’s not the same but it will have to do. I have the next couple of days off so hopefully I’ll get in either a nice long walk or bike ride.

Weather: This morning was coolest but still I was able to get by with no kind of heat and started the day with a t-shirt and shorts, however I think my warm days will soon run out.

Pictures: Here are three from Sunday’s walk.
Hey you can’t see me!!
Fits in_1295

Time piece.
Time piece_1301

Can you read the petroglyphs …. not me!
Pet 2_1302

Night folks.

Petroglyph Walk

Exercise: Yesterday’s walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.02mi, time: 48:08, pace: 23:49min/mi, speed: 2.52mi/h. I did a little stretching yesterday too.

Today I will walk with a group to see petroglyphs and hopefully I will have some pictures. Also hopefully the rain will not get us all wet o_O

Update; The walk went well and the weather was prefect 🙂 We walk for about 3 and half miles but with all the talking and exploring it took half of the day. We walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.72mi, time: 04:12:09, pace: 67:42min/mi, speed: 0.89mi/h.
This was a good walk for me today but I’ll do no stretching today and I am hoping that the knees won’t be too bad tomorrow because I was on my feet for a long time today. Whether I am walking or standing it seem to be the same to the knees and 4 hours is a long time for me.

I am beat for now, so there will be no pictures for today but hopefully I’ll get pictures posted tomorrow.

Night folks.


Office: Today I will have to work the office at the Ranger station for a few hours and it is the job I dislike the most out of all the things I do here because I like being outside and hate the feeling of being stuck somewhere. Maybe it won’t be too bad and it requires the least effect of a all the work I do, so we’ll call it a lazy day.

Campers: Last night I ended up with 3 campers here and today I have two for now. Very peaceful place 🙂

Tags: Let’s see if the tags are working today (was not working yesterday) …. Yes, they are working and my first tag is WordPress tags 👿

Internet: My internet connection has been staying at 4G over the last few days, sometimes here after a storm the connection will drop to 3G and it worries me a bit when it does that. I like my faster connection!

Office: So, here I am I the office ………… yep just as exciting as I thought it would be :-\ LOL.
Update; Lucky me, I only had to be in the office for about an hour 🙂

Birds: here is a Gambel’s Quail.
Gambel's Quails photo GQOT.jpg

A Green Heron playing with a frog …. don’t think I would want to be the frog 😦
Green Heron photo GH1.jpg

Night folks

Fast days

Busy today: The days zip past quickly here because I stay so busy doing things. There is lots to do and I like doing (or don’t mind doing) most the of the things that need to be done so it is working out.

Birds: Today I am going to do Dark-eyed Juncos (Red Back). All these photos were taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Junco Dark-eyed (Red Back)_7414

Junco Dark-eyed  (Red Back)_7367

Junco Dark-eyed  (Red Back_7589

Exercise: No, too busy today but I did do a little stretching.

Night folks

Mixed and favorite Birds

Internet: Painfully slow today and the worst I have seen it here, sure hope this don’t go on often. I got about 2 bars of 3G and it is a slow 3G, not good!
Ha, just got it to connected at 4G …….. now if it will only hold … 🙂
Update 3 hours later; All is well and 4G is still holding. Maybe just a little morning boo boo?

Exercise: A great walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.61mi, time: 02:14:29, pace: 23:58min/mi, speed: 2.50mi/h. Added a small amount of stretching.

Birds: I started birding before I started photographing and so I knew some of the birds before I knew how to get their pictures and here is some results.
Here is a Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Chickadee and part of a Downy Woodpecker.

House Finches, Cardinal and Carolina Chickadee, in the rain.

Photographing is a on-going learning thing for me, there is a lot to it and I sometimes still take pictures that I don’t want to own 😦 But as time goes by, I sometimes get one I really like. Here are two that may not be my best but I like them 🙂
Rufus Hummer
Western King Bird
Western King Bird 2_1149

Okay enough birds for today.

Night Folks