Busy: I am busy getting ready for my move, after setting all summer things are all out of place o_O I think I have near got things in order.

I am so ready to go, but as it is every time I leave a place after being there for a few months I feel the excitement of moving on but also I feel a little sadness of leaving a great place and new friends. I have had a great summer. Thanks to a great staff (Steve, Mike, Mannuel, George, Mario and Amanda ). Wishing all the best to the bunch of you šŸ™‚ Bueno mis amigos.

Also I had a few campers (now friends šŸ™‚ ) that returned to my area of the camp ground all summer and they too made my stay great, ( Jeanne, Barbara, Nancy and others) thanks ladies!

Exercise: I had a nice 2 mile walk this morning with my friend Jeanne ( Thanks Jeanne šŸ™‚ ). Added a little stretching in the afternoon.

Pictures: Good Bye Storrie Lake State Park.




Desktop: It is time ….. to shut down the desktop computer and it may be a while before I fire it back up because I don’t use the desktop in the boon-docks, I only use the laptop and tablet. If I fire up the desktop in the boon-docks it is to update it. I will miss my big screen šŸ˜¦

Night Folks


9 thoughts on “Buena

    1. Hi Barbara, not sure about cleaning my last site ….. the one I just move into here sure could use some help o_O LOL. Looking forward to our next meeting šŸ™‚


  1. Sure was a nice summer. Thanks for everything. Especially your help that time I took my scooter off the ramp wrong – Oops!
    I’m excited for you, hitting the open road tomorrow. We’ll cross paths again. Take care and safe travels.


    1. Hi Jeanne, It was fun driving down the road going somewhere even if it was not far, just nice to be somewhere different. I so look forward to our next meeting šŸ™‚ I’ll keep up with you on your blog.


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