New location

New Location: Feels good being on the road again πŸ™‚ Here is my new parking spot for now. If you follow my blog you know it is a favorite spot of my, just a beautiful area. Great area to get out and do some walking and that will likely happen tomorrow.

The drive down was good, all went well. I got an early start this morning and took my time on the way down with many stops alone the way. I did hit a little traffic in Albuquerque because I hit the morning rush (about 8am or so) but it was not too bad. Still I was unhooked and set up by about noon, I got my favorite spot too :). There are 10 spot in the little area and there is only two of us here, nice! The weekend could bring in a few more folk, maybe.

Here I am all nested in πŸ™‚

New spot_1129

nested in_1137

Broke Link: I had a broke link to my friends Blog(Nancy – Wish You Where Here) over on the right but it is working now give it a click and see what she is up to.

Solar: My solar is kicking, as things are charging up. I feel so much better with the new batteries that I put in last month vs the 7-year-old ones I had in before.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “New location

  1. Hey, John. It’s not the same here at Storrie without you! Glad to see you got your favorite spot at El Malpais.
    Thanks for adding my blog to your links.
    See you down the road.


    1. Hi Nancy, maybe one day in the years to come I will again visit Storrie, but for now it is good to have a break! I do links about everyday on my blog, I guess now and then I get into a hurry and mess things up, I am glad you let me know it wasn’t working. I like having a few other travelers link on my blog, makes me feel like I have company, out here in the wilds of the boon-docks πŸ˜‰


  2. Glad you are in a nice spot. I will definitely have to get out there some year. Enjoy your freedom for a while!
    Sure was nice having you at Storrie. We’ll see you on the road in a few months, I’m sure.


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