The only one

Weather: It is beautiful for now but the next couple of weeks could be the start of the cold. Over all, Sept is not too bad for weather in this area but Oct could really start to get cold I would think. Looking at the monthly averages it sure looks that way. Here is the monthly  averages for 

September and October, Brrr on October!

Exercise: I am debating that …… o_O

RV repair: I had to replace my fresh water fill receptacle, so I tender that duty today.

The old one.

The new one.


New one_1188

Camp Ground: I am the only one here, all the other sites are empty. Nice 🙂 I do enjoy the peace and quick however I think I would like at least one more RV here for the times when I leave, but for now I have no where to go.

Update 6pm; Another RV did show up, so there is two of us here now.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “The only one

  1. That’s an interesting set-up for the fresh water fill area. I only have a twist off cap, not the whole plastic square cover with a lock and key. That’s pretty neat – it would keep the water tank safe. I wonder if that would fit on mine. Hummmm…

    When I was at Bluewater last year, September was nice, getting cooler, and October was get-out-the-heater time. And I left the beginning of the second week in October. 🙂


    1. Barbara it might not fit right off but I am sure it could be made to fit. About the weather thing, if you read my latest (today’s post) you’ll see why I was looking over Oct Weather here!


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