Cloudy days

Pictures: More wild flowers.
Wild Flower_1210

Wild Flower_1195

Wild flower_1192

Wild flower_1198

City: I was back in the city today, this time to do laundry, get rid of my old recliner(city dump), pick up some drinking water and stop at Walmart.

Windows updates: Windows updates always come on the second Tuesday of each month and it is that. My where near 200 MB.

Weather: Got just a little rain last night. Today is partly cloudy, just enough to make solar charging a slow job. My solar charger needs to hold the batteries at 14.8 volts for 2 hours before it will drop to float charge of 13.2 volts and with the clouds jumping between the sun and my panels, the charger don’t hold for the two hours but it keeps trying. Still I’ll get a pretty good charge today but I think it is hard on the batteries when the day goes like that.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Cloudy days

  1. Hey, John, thanks for posting about the Windows updates again. I’m in a parking lot tonight where I have free wi-fi, so I’m using it to do the downloading/installing. I missed your new recliner, so I’m heading there now. 🙂


    1. Hi Cupitonians, great to hear from you 🙂 and great to see you post again. Thanks on the photos. I am just now getting into a system (the BLM system) that may make it possible for me to travel even more, I would like that 🙂

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