Hosting again

Hosting again: Wow, I am out of the frying pan but ….. I guess I jumped into the fire!!!! When I got here last week I started working on getting next summer’s job lined up but it turns out that they where looking to fill the host position from now to the end of October and guess who they had in mind as soon as I showed up??? Yep, looks like I will be spending a couple of chilly months here in the BLM as host. However my sacrifice now should line me up for next summer and it will give both them(BLM Rangers) and I time to see if we are going to like each other. It will be hard for this bunch of guys to top the last bunch I worked with at Storrie lake. However everyone I have met so far seems to be great. I look forward to trying this gig out and I start tomorrow, wish me luck guys!

I have moved into the host site as of today but I don’t get to try out the solar panel array till tomorrow when my boss comes back to work and that is fine. The boss has got to show me how it all works and how to control everything, or whatever it is that I need to know. I can’t wait to see how well the solar system does.

It was a bit tricky setting up the RV, the host site is the most um-level site of the bunch or at least one of the worst, but no big deal, I just had to take my time and get it done. I am setting fine now.

I guess you all know why I was talking about the weather here in Sept and Oct now 🙂 For now it is beautiful, about as good as it gets for me, temperature wise it is in the sweet spot.

Exercise: I did do some walking today but I didn’t take my app along, didn’t think of it till I was well into my walk. I am sure I did near 2 miles at least.

My new Site:
meBLM Grants_1213

WordPress: The new interface is not so buggy now, I am glad of that. I think I can now start using it.

Not sure what kind of time I will have to do things on the computer from here on, so we’ll see.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Hosting again

    1. Thanks Judy, I think I will like it. It will be cold by the time I leave here brrr. About the kind of weather you like I think 🙂


  1. Well, congratulations! Seems like a good idea to have a trial run. The site looks good, and you already have your hummingbird feeder out! Getting lots of customers still, or are they tapering off there like Storrie?


    1. Hi Jeanne and thanks, Yes I like the site, not the best one in the camp ground but still nice. I am getting a few hummers still, but I don’t think it will last long. They are smarter than I, LOL.


  2. That’s a nice site. I remember that some sites are just high enough to get some Internet, and the lower sites don’t get it as well. I don’t think TV is good anywhere, is it? Except PBS? As far as the Internet, at least you’ll know which sites are the best, and you can always walk your laptop there and post your blog or do whatever. Better than lugging it to the top of a mountain like some places!

    I think this will be a good trial run for you. If you like it this time of year and can work out the Internet issues, you’ll love it next year, and if you don’t, then you won’t have to commit to a whole season in 2015. Win/win. And you’ll still have time to impress them. 🙂


    1. Hi Barbara, Yes the site is great but the lowest one the the place. That is okay, I put up my air-card antenna and I still have 4G, so all is well. I have a 3G signal without the antenna so it is all workable. Oh, I did get PBS last night and this morning so we’ll see how it goes. If I come back for all of next summer I may look at getting a satellite for a few months, maybe!
      Yes, this will be a good test to see how “we” the ranger and I, like each other 🙂


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