More Orientation today

More Orientation : Still more to know about, yesterdays stuff, was stuff that I knew about already but today ….. I’m not sure what is coming. Should be interesting, we’ll see.

Update; I guess, I am orientated 🙂 Not much more added to my list of stuff to do, but lots I can do on days I want to step up and I’ll have a few of those.

Exercise: I got early this morning for a fast walk before my day gets started, I walked somewhere around two miles. I have been slipping on my stretching again, so that is something I will have to get caught up on soon.
Tomorrow’s exercise will be the nature walk with the ranger and group. It will be a very slow walk but fairly long.

Bird: Here is another shot of the Rock Wren, the sun was very hash so the lighting is not good but I did the best I could with it in Photoshop. Click for a bigger picture.
Rock Wren_1544

For the bird of the week Another Robin.

The day has gone by fast.

Night folks