Nature Walk

Nature Walk: This morning I am off to the nature walk and that will take the morning. I will have the afternoon to get a couple of things done around the camp ground. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of pictures to share with you from my walk today.

Weather: Lucky for me the weather is holding on to some great temperature so far. I don’t expects this kind of great weather to last long but I sure am enjoying it while it does. It will be a fine day for the walk.

Birds: I am surprise at how many Humming Birds I am seeing. They have a big trip coming up and I guess they are gather up their energy. In the morning they are all fluff up staying warm while feeding, fun to watch. I don’t have the mass amounts of them like I did this summer at Storrie Lake but I do have 3 and 4 at a time.

Exercise: A long walk today as a few of us broke away from the group and walk for 7 to 8 miles.

Pictures: Here are 3 or 4 shots I took today and there will be more later on.

BLM Grants_1229

BLM Grants_1224

BLM Grants_1221

BLM Grants_1219

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