Don’t feel guilty

Rain: looks like we will have a little rain this afternoon. It is raining now but we’ll see how long it last.
Update; Near 6 pm and we got very little rain, maybe later.

Pictures: A Cactus Wren atop a cactus.

Cactus Wren photo CWren.jpg

Took this shot one cool rainy day in Cloudcroft, NM. A bunch of Broad-Tailed Hummers have a drink of sugar-water.
Broad Tailed Hummers photo Hummersinrain.jpg

Exercise: I walked for two miles and did a little stretching, and now I don’t feel guilty form not doing any exercise.

Bike race: Today I kept a close eye on a couple of the areas I look after because there was a bike race that came by, the 100 mile race from This Race.

Night folks


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