Office: Today I will have to work the office at the Ranger station for a few hours and it is the job I dislike the most out of all the things I do here because I like being outside and hate the feeling of being stuck somewhere. Maybe it won’t be too bad and it requires the least effect of a all the work I do, so we’ll call it a lazy day.

Campers: Last night I ended up with 3 campers here and today I have two for now. Very peaceful place 🙂

Tags: Let’s see if the tags are working today (was not working yesterday) …. Yes, they are working and my first tag is WordPress tags 👿

Internet: My internet connection has been staying at 4G over the last few days, sometimes here after a storm the connection will drop to 3G and it worries me a bit when it does that. I like my faster connection!

Office: So, here I am I the office ………… yep just as exciting as I thought it would be :-\ LOL.
Update; Lucky me, I only had to be in the office for about an hour 🙂

Birds: here is a Gambel’s Quail.
Gambel's Quails photo GQOT.jpg

A Green Heron playing with a frog …. don’t think I would want to be the frog 😦
Green Heron photo GH1.jpg

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Tags

  1. Funny – if I was a camphost, I’d want to be in the office. That’s what I like best.

    I like the fuzzy head on your Gambel’s Quail – I’ve never noticed that on the photos I’ve taken.

    Did you take the one of the Green Heron? Great photo. I wonder if he ate the frog. 😦


    1. Thanks Barbara, Yes I took the photo and I am sure the frog was dinner. Offices …. I can do them(not great at it, but doable) , however I prefer to be outside for the most part.


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