Busy day: Yes another busy day here in my new volunteer job. These busy days go by really fast.

I am liking my job very well because so far, they are giving me a broad path when it comes to doing my job in both the way and order that I like, makes things so much better when it is like that.

Exercise: I am not adding exercise to my days when they go long like today, I figure my work is enough. I know it’s not the same but it will have to do. I have the next couple of days off so hopefully I’ll get in either a nice long walk or bike ride.

Weather: This morning was coolest but still I was able to get by with no kind of heat and started the day with a t-shirt and shorts, however I think my warm days will soon run out.

Pictures: Here are three from Sunday’s walk.
Hey you can’t see me!!
Fits in_1295

Time piece.
Time piece_1301

Can you read the petroglyphs …. not me!
Pet 2_1302

Night folks.


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