More Petroglyphs Pictures: By the way these are not easy to find petroglyphs, they are way off the beating trail, compare to others you might see. I don’t know a thing about petroglyphs but I had fun going to see these.





Bird of the week: I have been neglecting my Bird of the Week so here is a update. Female Brown-Headed Cowbird.

BrownHeraded Cowbird female_4500

WordPress: Man they must be working on WordPress, I can’t seem to get things to work at all, tags and now my Widget along with the other tools o_O come on WordPress!

Okay I found the problem …. well at least I know it is something to do with my Firefox browser or one of my add-ons. Rats!!!! Found the add-on …. It was a add-on by the name of Disconnect Well okay, to get right down to it ….. it was an operator error, that would be me šŸ˜¦ By playing with the setting of the add-on, I got things going again.

Night folks


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