Done: I am done and on the road …. okay I am only 15 miles or so from the Camp ground at Walmart for night while I stock up on travel goodies.

Location: Walmart in Grants, NM for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be off to the west and hopefully better weather. I am getting out of here just in time because the weather is about to take a turn for the worst here in Grants, as in colder.

Okay, maybe tomorrow I’ll have more news.

Night folks

One more day

Okay, last day tomorrow and I am ready to go. Still thinking on what is next, nothing is set in stone just yet and I like it that way. It will more than likely be to a warmer place but …. we’ll see.

No pictures today. I had a long day and now I want to rest. Blogging will be on the short end for the next few days till I settle down somewhere again.

Night folks

Near done

Two more days: I am down to the wire on this work camping/volunteering thing. I am ready for a break 🙂 Ready for some good old doing of nothing.

Exercise: Man, this gig(volunteering here at the BLM) has really got me out of my exercise/stretching routine. Maybe I can get that patched up a bit starting next week. Next summer when I come back I will have to work out a better system for exercise while doing my job.

Pictures: Yellow-rumped Warbler.
 photo yrw.jpg
Yellow-throated Warbler
 photo CYT.jpg

Night folks


VA appointment canceled: My appointment got canceled for the VA, that I had tomorrow. So that leaves me with another day to relax a bit. So, road trip 1 down, but the big one is still coming.

Running around: Today I did much of nothing. My friend and I just goofed off today, it was a nice day.

Pictures: White wing Dove.
White Winged Dove photo WWDove.jpg

Wild Turkey photo TT.jpg

Night folks.

Road trips, coming soon

Road Trip, soon: Today is my Friday 🙂 I am off for two days now but still I will be busy. However my last day is Friday (real Friday) and than I will be off for about 6 months just to relax and chill out. Tomorrow will be my chores day and Wednesday I have an appointment with the VA in Albuquerque (little road trip), than back to work to close things out for this year. Than my friend and I will be off to parts unknown as of now, but we will be off, on a Big Road Trip!

Verizon: I finally got something from Verizon (message on my MiFi Device to give them a call) about my account and it looks like I will be able to keep my plan as is with only adding tax to it. So, it looks like my 20 gigs of data will be costing me about $100.00 a month for now. I am not sure how long that will last …. ? It will not be under contract so we will see. Good-bye Millenicom, it was a good run.

Pictures: Chipping Sparrow.
Chipping Sparrow photo Chip11.jpg
Mourning Dove.
Dove Mourning photo WebPD2.jpg

Night folks

Busy yet again

Busy: Another busy day. The busy days make the time go by fast, but I miss my time 😦 a little. That is okay …. I am about to have 6 months with little to do 🙂

Weather: The weather is running the same. I guess it is a good thing that I am not in AZ just yet I hear they are having some really hot days, in the upper 90s. Hotter than I like, so I guess the cool nights are okay for now.

Fox Sparrow.
Sparrow Fox photo BDFOXWEB.jpg

Song Sparrow.
Sparrow Song photo webss2.jpg

Night folks


Weather: Man, these mornings are nippy! It was not all that cold this morning but it sure felt chilly!
Later …. the day is beautiful as can be this afternoon 🙂

Work: I’m not sure what I’ll get into today, but we’ll see.
Update; The hunters have kept me busy today, I have a full campground.

Hunters: Tomorrow starts deer hunting for muzzleloader and I have five of those hunters in here. Run Bambi, run!
No, not that way!

No,no you got to get out of the yard too!
Deer KY A7 033

Night Folks

Out doors

Work: Yep, it is back to work days. Today is my clean up before the weekend day, try to have things look decent for the weekend, for the campers and visitors to the area.

Camp Ground: I am getting about half full each night now, so 5 out of ten campsites will be full most of the time, it is good that the place is getting used. I am surprised that it is not full all the time, maybe this kind of area is just for some of us, that really like the isolation. If you like the outdoors and the kind of things you do out doors you should love this area. Well, let me work on that a bit …. for the young people things like hunting and hiking. And for older types like myself, walking, birding, observing nature, enjoying the peace and quiet, and other such mild manner things 😉

Time to earn my Keep: Time to go out and see what is happening in all the areas I look after. Do a little cleaning and pick up the trash. Back later.

Pictures: House Wren, this shot taken in KY many years ago.
Wren House photo HouseWren.jpg

Copper’s Hawk, picture also taken in KY.
Hawks Copper's photo HankCooporST.jpg

Verizon: I am frustrated by Verizon. They told me they would call me back and didn’t. I call them and still no one knows what is happening. You’ll have to back up a few post to see what this is all about. Big companies make me nuts.

Night folks