Done: I am done and on the road …. okay I am only 15 miles or so from the Camp ground at Walmart for night while I stock up on travel goodies.

Location: Walmart in Grants, NM for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be off to the west and hopefully better weather. I am getting out of here just in time because the weather is about to take a turn for the worst here in Grants, as in colder.

Okay, maybe tomorrow I’ll have more news.

Night folks

One more day

Okay, last day tomorrow and I am ready to go. Still thinking on what is next, nothing is set in stone just yet and I like it that way. It will more than likely be to a warmer place but …. we’ll see.

No pictures today. I had a long day and now I want to rest. Blogging will be on the short end for the next few days till I settle down somewhere again.

Night folks

Near done

Two more days: I am down to the wire on this work camping/volunteering thing. I am ready for a break 🙂 Ready for some good old doing of nothing.

Exercise: Man, this gig(volunteering here at the BLM) has really got me out of my exercise/stretching routine. Maybe I can get that patched up a bit starting next week. Next summer when I come back I will have to work out a better system for exercise while doing my job.

Pictures: Yellow-rumped Warbler.
 photo yrw.jpg
Yellow-throated Warbler
 photo CYT.jpg

Night folks


VA appointment canceled: My appointment got canceled for the VA, that I had tomorrow. So that leaves me with another day to relax a bit. So, road trip 1 down, but the big one is still coming.

Running around: Today I did much of nothing. My friend and I just goofed off today, it was a nice day.

Pictures: White wing Dove.
White Winged Dove photo WWDove.jpg

Wild Turkey photo TT.jpg

Night folks.

Road trips, coming soon

Road Trip, soon: Today is my Friday 🙂 I am off for two days now but still I will be busy. However my last day is Friday (real Friday) and than I will be off for about 6 months just to relax and chill out. Tomorrow will be my chores day and Wednesday I have an appointment with the VA in Albuquerque (little road trip), than back to work to close things out for this year. Than my friend and I will be off to parts unknown as of now, but we will be off, on a Big Road Trip!

Verizon: I finally got something from Verizon (message on my MiFi Device to give them a call) about my account and it looks like I will be able to keep my plan as is with only adding tax to it. So, it looks like my 20 gigs of data will be costing me about $100.00 a month for now. I am not sure how long that will last …. ? It will not be under contract so we will see. Good-bye Millenicom, it was a good run.

Pictures: Chipping Sparrow.
Chipping Sparrow photo Chip11.jpg
Mourning Dove.
Dove Mourning photo WebPD2.jpg

Night folks

Busy yet again

Busy: Another busy day. The busy days make the time go by fast, but I miss my time 😦 a little. That is okay …. I am about to have 6 months with little to do 🙂

Weather: The weather is running the same. I guess it is a good thing that I am not in AZ just yet I hear they are having some really hot days, in the upper 90s. Hotter than I like, so I guess the cool nights are okay for now.

Fox Sparrow.
Sparrow Fox photo BDFOXWEB.jpg

Song Sparrow.
Sparrow Song photo webss2.jpg

Night folks