Solar Electric

Another dollar: Back to work today, well as much as you can call what I do work 🙂  I do stay busy but I don’t work all that hard. I may work pretty hard for a couple of hours each day but that is about it as far as real work goes.

Electric : I have been testing my solar bank (the BLM solar) to see just how far I could push it. Everything in my rig runs on electric, refrigerator, hot water heater, other assorted small electrical things and last night I run a small electric heater all night. It finally shut down about 7:40 this morning, which I think was pretty good for running on batteries. No one should really expect to have electric heat when running on solar 👿 but hey, it did pretty good and kept me toasty last night! Now I kind of know just how much I can push it.
The sun will have me back going in a couple of hours I think.
Update; I went away to do some things and came back about 10:30am and the electric was back on.

Pictures: Here are a couple more Petroglyph shots.


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