9 red Starts

First Today: …. Well like all days with my blog, I start with 9 red starts. What is a Red start you ask? It is the Html code for my red subject at the start of each paragraph. This is one red start <span style=”color:red;”><strong><em>:</em></strong></span> ( Note the HTML code is not red ) So when I want to start a new paragraph/subject I just put it before the  :    I don’t use 9 most days but when I get done blogging I just delete the rest.  I don’t type these in each time, I have them stored in my Clipboard manager ( Ditto) so I just place my cruiser at the top of the page and select it in Ditto and bang, I have 9 red starts 🙂   Oh, I do know that you can use the text color option in WordPress to do this, but …. this way I get it red,  bold and italicized all at once, as you can see from the HTML code. All I have to do, is type in my subject and start my paragraph.

Pictures: One spring day many years ago back in KY.
Dog Wood Trees, one red and one white.

Apple bloom.
Apple Tree_0133

Stretching and exercise: I did do a little stretching today but not enough and as far as exercise goes, I’ll call the bit of work I did this morning exercise.

Windows 10: Yep it is coming, well mid to late next year anyways. Sounds like they are making some changes for the better, but we’ll see.

Night folks.