Pictures: Something different? How about some antiques? Just a couple.


How about a new bird for the week. This is not a very good shot but it is one of my favorite birds, Summer Tanager.

Summer Tanager_3910

Work: I did a little work today, 2 to 3 hours, I’ll call it exercise. I got my stretching done too 🙂

Weather: Man the weather has been just the best, prefect temperatures both night and day.

VA Hospital : Tuesday I am going to meet a friend in Albuquerque and we are going over the VA. I will get myself register in their system and I will be set for next summer when I return here. I will try to get a flu shot too, for this winter, while I am there.

Speech recognition : I am still finding it very hard to use speech recognition on my computers vs my tablet. I don’t know what makes it so bad ❓ It simply does not work well on my computer, Maybe it’s the quality of the microphone on the computer, but my desktop has a good headset and microphone …. but then again just how good could the tablet mic be? It all just beats me ….!

Night folks