Another Busy Day

Busy busy: I like it! I don’t work all that hard but I keep busy doing this and that and I have a big range of things I can pick from, I am liking my gig here. Today I mended a fence and did some of the normal chores around the place. All the folks I work for are very supportive and helpful in any way they can be and I try to be the same in return 🙂

Pictures : For today it will have to be something I already have online somewhere, let me look ……. Ok here we go.

One day on a walk to the top of Spring Canyon Mountain the light was hitting this cactus in a way that made it look on fire almost. I call it the Burning Cactus on the Mountain ❗
 photo firecatus.jpg

This is a picture taken in Pinal County West Park
West pinal Park photo Aroundpark2-8122.jpg

Exercise and stretching: I am missing them a good bit lately 😦 Hopefully the work I am doing will make up for it a bit.

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